Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Street style

Street style is the best feast to someone who breathes, eats and lives fashion. I adore to say the least how people make an effort to adorn themselves with creativity. Wearing clothes or rather good looking clothes or interesting clothes or just the fact that someone just stands out is not just about the clothes itself but also the attitude that shines through. Someone could be dressed in all designer wear head to toe or just in high street brands or maybe even label less clothing but what could make it interesting is the way they'd carry it off. It's an art. I. Love. it.

I will slowly get the street style section into my blog. Just gotta start clicking.


Estelle La Mode said...

So true! I really do believe this, it is not what is being worn but who is wearing it! Confidence is the best accessory!



Pulseonthego said...

Thank you Esther!:-) I look forward to sharing pictures of what everyone around inspire me everyday ..