Thursday, November 14, 2013

What happened at H&M with Isabel Marant!?

So, I went to an H&M store that had the designer's clothes up for grabs.. The store opened an hour before their usual time , at 9 am and the girl behind the counter told me that people had queued outside the store at 6 am (In cold,rainy,windy grey Brussels - That's some commitment!)

I went in at close to noon, just to check if there were things still available (What?,seriously?!I was kidding myself!) There were some clothes left, but most of it all had long gone. And from whatever was left, as I had mentioned earlier in my previous post I could see the stuff were good. I had some apprehension about the way it would be and I must say it wasn't disappointing.

So, whoever got to have their fill of the designer's clothes at H&M should enjoy it and in all probability will!!

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