Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What is it about dressing up...?

So, What is it about dressing up? I wake up every morning, hit the shower and dress up. As in, yes I put my clothes on like every one else but I "dress" up. I pick my clothes the night before. I add my accessories and then the next day, it's all worn.

I see most women, beautiful women ask me what makes me dress up regardless. I tell them I love to dress up because it makes me feel more of myself. I dress up for myself than for anyone else. I put my minimal make up and have my hair in place because it makes me, me and it makes me happy.

There is something about dressing up whether you are a stay at home mom/ wife or if you are a professional. Consciously or subconsciously it makes a bit of difference. It pushes your confidence and self esteem to a different/higher level. Let's not kid ourselves when we say that when one's confidence or self esteem is pumped,we don't like it :-)

So no matter what or who you are, dress up, take care of yourself, invest a little bit of time on yourself and it makes all the difference. For some, reading brings all the confidence and to some wearing the right clothes and dressing up does.

What reflects is one's attitude towards ourselves more than anything. Treat yourself better because all of us deserve that much.

It's as simple as wear your clothes with love, dab a little make up if you'd like and have your hair in place! And it sure does wonders :-)

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